MarylandByDesign: Defining Design in Maryland

Thanks to many designers who continue to volunteer for
MarylandByDesign to boost the public understanding of Design in Maryland. Design, by definition, is a process and thinking approach applied to public sector issues to develop public sector innovations and evidence based public policy. The design policies developed for Maryland are important for public sector innovations, evidence based public policy, and public-private collaborations to
implement outcomes in the natural environment, social sector, the State’s economy and for improvement of the quality of life.

The collection of case studies, design policies in support
for legislation, and the explanation for the basis to establish
a Design Commission for Maryland are assembled on these pages by MarylandByDesign to demonstrate the definition of design as
distinct from the disciplines of planning, zoning, land use, science, technology, math, and engineering. Rather design is a discipline unto itself, practiced by professionals across many disciplines.
Design allows for synthesis among disciplines to promote discovery and innovation primarily in the public realm, and sometimes with private sector involvement.

MarylandByDesign extends an open invitation to design practitioners to participate in establishing a State Design Commission through legislation for the benefit of all citizens of Maryland. Now that the Maryland General Assembly is in session for 2018, efforts are underway to continue to discuss legislation to study what is
necessary for establishing the Maryland Design Excellence and Innovation Commission. Please contact MarylandByDesign or the legislator in the Maryland General Assembly who represents you with you questions, comments, and offers of participation.

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