Design Districts Develop Creative Economies

Many cities around the world have recognized the value of design policies that encourage development of design districts. Design districts are an interdisciplinary mix of design practitioners from various disciplines, related manufacturing, retail and distribution. The interaction between the participants of the design district foster creativity and attract a diverse audience of
visitors to the area.

The Annapolis Design District is
one example right here in Maryland.

DESIGN DIALOGUES IN MARYLAND-How Design Thinking is relevant to the current global Pandemic

Since  2016, MarylandByDesign has fostered an online community of design practice in Maryland including educators, policy makers, and design practitioners. MarylandByDesign is in the process of scheduling a series of online live discussions about the current global pandemic, and how design can be a conduit for many of the current situation everyone is facing in everyday life. A schedule of live, web based session is going to be announced within the month of April 2020. Check back on this page for this schedule.

Congressional Caucus Unveils new STEM to STEAM Policy Map



Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) launched a new STEAM Map on Capitol Hill in collaboration with US House STEAM Caucus Chair Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) ). This innovative mapping tool visualizes STEAM activity to enable advocates and practitioners to connect with each other, share best practices and show decision makers the impact and relevancy of art and design. The STEAM Map can be found at The list of STEAM members can be found here.