Written Statement Template (Senate Committee)

Month Day, 2016
[Insert Your Address]


Senator Thomas M. Middleton, Chair
Senator John C. Astle, Vice Chair
Maryland General Assembly
Senate Finance Committee
3 East, Miller Senate Building
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

RE: Senate Bill 429/House Bill 548: Business and Economic Development: Maryland Design Excellence Commission (Bill Hearing February 16, 2016)

Dear Chairman Middleton, Vice Chairman Astle and Members of the Senate Finance Committee:

I am writing to express my support of the legislation now before you Senate Bill 429 to establish the Maryland Design Excellence Commission. This Commission will be an important investment by the State of Maryland to benefit the current and future quality of life for all Maryland Citizens.

[Please write a few sentences about your background here, what your involvement in the design community has been in the past and how you expect to continue engaging in design policy efforts within Maryland. Include any prior support of legislative efforts that have supported any design discipline. If you are leading a design policy effort in another State, explain the importance of more States developing their own design policy programs. Briefly describe a design project, either in progress or completed in Maryland, that impacted economic improvement and/or quality of living within the State of Maryland. If you are a design educator, explain how STEAM design programs, design and innovation labs, and other design led innovation training will benefit community college and university students who may work in various industries in Maryland or if you are teaching in K-12 public schools describe how STEAM design programs will give children a well-rounded education to go on to be successful in design education programs or other interdisciplinary fields of study].

Once this legislation is passed, the establishment of the Maryland Design Excellence Commission will develop design-driven innovation programs and outcomes fostering sustainable economic development, competitive job growth, effective government services and livable communities for all Maryland citizens.

Kindly consider this statement as part of the Committee Hearing that will take place on February 16, 2016 in the Senate Finance Committee.


[Your name here]