How Design Policy Benefits Public Policy

What can a design policy approach bring to the table that doesn’t already exist?

Many design driven projects, including those combined with research and development, result in commercialization and technology transfer of innovative technologies, products and services. This transfer provides a longer arc of economic growth within the State. Examples of design driven tech transfer include…

Can you provide examples of design policy in other States?Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, California have recognized the value of design driven businesses to produce products and services in transportation, technology and the built environment in their State.

The European Union recently incorporated design as a key component of its EU innovation policy.

—Maren Maier, Design Strategist

One thought on “How Design Policy Benefits Public Policy”

  1. Travel teaches you many things, not the least of which is that “Design Matters”. Challange anyone to name his or her favorite place and then ask why. Many of the reasons that attractive places are attractive have to do with design. Without thoughtful attention to design, a community will become “Anywhere USA”. Design of a community communicates what it is.. I am pleased that Architect Jay Corvan has initiated this Design Dialogue. Hopefully, it will help educate elected oficals and other community leaders to the importance of good design in buildings and infrastructure.

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